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Julia and Zoey are about to head out for the evening but first they need your opinion. Not to embarrass you but since your Dad is out of town and you are the man (almost man) in the house they really want to know if they are sexy in their outfits. I mean, if you were a grown up guy would you want to fuck them? The completely embarrass you with their questions but also titillate you. Zoey sees that you have wood in your pants and now she doesn’t care about what she is wearing. In fact , she starts to undress and talk you out of your pants so she can see you college age meat pole. Zoe isn’t satisfied with being able to look at it. She wants you to grab hold of it and show her how your jerk yourself off. OMG, now your step Mom is stripping and showing you her pussy for encouragement! They are having a great time watching you and you are having a great time getting turned on by these two cock & cum hungry MILFS. Zoey finally tells you its time to cum on your step Mothers pussy. You can hardly believe these two women are even speaking to you let alone getting taking off their clothes and telling you they want to see you cum!
You do as Zoey says and splooge a huge load on your blonde bombshell step mom. They continue to laugh as you pull on your pants and really can hardly believe what just happened. You offer to be their “fashion advisor” anytime they want.

Date Added: 05/29/2020
Company: Zoey Holloway Productions
Running Time: 9 mins

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