Loser husband gets own cum thrown in his face  |  (Random)

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Loser husband gets own cum thrown in his face

I come home after working a 10 hour day only to find my loser husband cranking his cock on the couch. AGAIN! I am absolutely livid and let him know I am fed up with his laziness. I had such a long and tiring day just about the only thing I can think of to humor me would be watching him yank on his fuckpole until he shoots his cum in my hand and I fling it in his face! He thinks I am going to come home from work AND cook him dinner? Tonight he EATS HIS OWN CUM for dinner, and dessert. Open wide honey! You loser.

Date Added: 07/02/2018
Company: Zoey Holloway Productions
Running Time: 8 mins

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