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Sisters stroke the pizza boy.

What is it about younger siblings always being so competitive? My younger sister thinks she does everything better than me. She has to do the harder workout, she has to tell the longest stories, blah blah blah. I had it one day when she let me know the boyfriend I had in high school who became sloppy seconds for her told her I gave a horrible hand job. I could hardly believe that! I mean, I must have given him over 50 hand jobs during the time we were dating! She says we broke up and he went to her because I was so bad at it. Well today we are going to fix that record. I am going to prove to her that I do not give a horrible hand job by striking a bet with her, problem is we need a cock. Hey, we ordered pizza before we started working out and it should be delivered any minute. Great idea, jack off the pizza guy! Which ever one of us can make the guy cum while our hands are on his cock is the winner. We each get one minute at a time to stroke him. I sure hope the person who delivers our pizza today is a guy so we can settle this bet once and for all.

Ding dong, and who is at my doorstep but a cute young guy who's cock will do just fine I'm sure, if we can get him to come in and get jacked off by two strangers. Ha! No problem. He is more than willing to help out two competitive sisters and get a hand job. This is going to be fun! We got his pants off pretty quick and got to work on his dick. I could hardly believe it when my sister wrapped her mouth around his dick like a Hoover sucking up dirt. I mean, we just met this guy and she's blowing him! No wonder she always wins, cheater. I reacted like a good player and laughed it off knowing we had some time before he was going to give us his load so anything could happen in this contest. We both used two hands, then four hands, two tits then four tits. It soon became a team effort instead of a contest because we were having so much fun with a complete stranger. We even got naked and rubbed his cock with our ass cheeks! That was something neither of us had done before. The delivery guy just laid there with a big smile on his face in total amusement of our shenanigans. My sister is the one who got his cock to spew but since it frosted my tits and not hers we decided it was a joint win. She completely surprised me when she started licking his jizz from my chest flesh. My sister is such a dirty girl and I never knew it until now. I had to return the favor. Our delivery guy sure did deliver today, and he tasted as sweet as he looks. Always the freak that my sis is suggested we put some of his cream on our pizza for an extra topping. I had a better idea, keep him around the rest of the day and milk some more cum from him, straight into our hungry mouths. A family that plays together, stays together.

Date Added: 01/19/2020
Company: Zoey Holloway Productions
Running Time: 19 mins

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