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Sexy Witch gives tricks AND treats.

My boyfriend and I love role-playing games. I was super excited for Halloween this year and the chance to dress up as a sexy witch for my guy. We live over two hours away from each other right now so any chance we get we take full advantage of some fun time in. I could hardly wait for him to get to my door tonight. He told me go along with however he showed up since this was going to be part of our dress up fun for Halloween. I was kind of surprised when my doorbell rang since all the trick or treat young ones had come and gone long ago. I knew it could only be my boyfriend, full of surprises. He dressed as a ghost with an old sheet and even had a pumpkin pot partially full of candy. Oh, he was really playing this one like a cute lil' young guy would. I went along with it and told him I had his treat or maybe a trick awaiting him in my bedroom. Once I got him in my room I wanted to get going with the make-out and sexy time a.s.a.p.! What a surprise I got and quite a trick played on me to remove the sheet and uncover not my boyfriend but the hot young 19 year old from a few doors down. Oh my! I wasn't quite sure what to do with this sexy stud standing before me. I mean, my boyfriend was on his way and due very soon yet here I had this sexual young beast with one thing on his mind. He really did go through quite the effort to get himself in my room tonight. I didn't even want to know the specifics of how he managed to trick me. I was incredibly turned on at the sight of his young well developed body. I would have jumped on him in a heartbeat if I didn't have my boyfriend on his way to bone me. I couldn't have my pussy stretched out by another man's cock right before my boyfriend wanted in there. I also didn't want this sexpot to leave my house feeling all his efforts to get in my bedroom were wasted. I told him to get comfortable so I could give him a quick hand job. A hand job would show no signs of evidence unless I wanted it to and it would give this young guy something to tell his college buddies I'm sure. Oh his cock is so smooth and long. After seeing it fully erect I quickly let him know I was going to have him back to my house very soon so I could ride his long pole. He seemed pretty happy to have his cock cranked tonight given the circumstances. I could feel my panties becoming moist as I worked his shaft. Oh how I want to pull my panties to the side and climb on to feel his steel hard rod sliding inside me. I made sure to let him know exactly how good his dick felt in my soft hands and how he hadn't seen the last of my bedroom walls. He was going to be my neighborhood boy toy for sure. He gave up quite a thick load to me and just in time. We both had to clean up and get him out of my house before my boyfriend arrived. I would have no explanation for having a 19 year old in my house at this time of night. As he grabbed his cheesy sheet ghost costume I winked and assured him I would be seeing him again, real soon.

Date Added: 01/17/2020
Company: Zoey Holloway Productions
Running Time: 19 mins

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