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Fetish Con room service delivers.

I love attending fetish events and this year at Fetish Con it's no different except my husband couldn't join me so I am here alone. In case you haven't attended a fetish event before, there are many people who show a lot of skin in the most appealing ways, even those who wear second layer skin of latex look oh so yummy. All these sexy body's around me for the past couple of days have made me extra horny. How many times can I masturbate before I need to get a hard cock in me? I'd say I have reached my maximum masturbation self-gratification quota for the weekend already. It's time to get seriously looking for a quick dick experience. I am so horny I will probably cum after only a couple minutes of pussy pumping. I can't necessarily call an escort service without my husband finding out so how can I get dick? I know! Room Service!

Date Added: 01/13/2020
Company: Zoey Holloway Productions
Running Time: 22 mins

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