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Sisters share a schlong.

Older sisters are supposed to teach their younger siblings all about the facts of life. I apparently missed teaching a lesson of great sexual importance to my younger sister Randy so here we are adults in my living room about to have the lesson up close and personal, with my husband. The situation is, her husband has begun to ask for hand jobs and my sister doesn’t know how to give him a hand job with a happy ending. She exclaims she can barely get him hard let alone finish him off. I feel its my obligation to help her any way I can but of course first had to tease her just a little that she should have learned to master the techniques of a great hand job when we were in high school. The truth comes out that she wasn’t the slut I thought she was in high school, she was just saying all the things she supposedly did with guys so she would sound cool. Well, years later here we are trying to give her stroking lessons on a banana. I had to think of some other way to teach her because the banana was not going to give us the response she needed to boost her confidence in the “Randy Handywork” department. My husband was home so I called for his assistance. Randy was so flustered at the mention of touching my husband, her brother in laws dick that she called him her step brother, hmmmm, is there another story here that needs to be disclosed? We will save that for another day.
My husband shuffles into the room and I immediately let him know the situation and tell him we need to use his cock. I knew he wouldn’t have any hesitation in whipping his dick out for my sister to stroke. Look at her, I don’t think any man would deny her a practice session with his penis. I gave her some lube and had her get right to work. She had a good grip on it and stroked it with great enthusiasm. I really couldn’t see why her husband would have any issues with her hand jobs because before we knew it my husband was spewing pre-cum. The sight of my husband so turned on by her handy work was enough to make Randy focus on her stroking until she made my husband literally blow his load. He surprised her with such a geyser of goo that her facial expression said all it needed to, a job well done.
Now that my hot sexpot of a sister has a new sexual skill mastered I’m going to have to keep any extra eye on her at the next family party.

Date Added: 08/01/2020
Starring: Randy Moore
Company: Zoey Holloway Productions
Running Time: 10 mins

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