*Part 2 of Superhero Silver Star vs. Golden Girl  |  (Random)

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*Part 2 of Superhero Silver Star vs. Golden Girl

Sinister yet sexy Silver Star has a new trick up her liquid metal sleeve to entrap Golden Girl yet again. She has a device that will render Golden Girl completely helpless! All she has to do is capture Golden Girl and mount her on this powerful device that will send GG into one orgasmic convulsion after another. Once GG is rendered helpless, SS can then bind her and keep her hidden as a sex slave so SS can be free to continue sexual chaos among humans. As SS is testing the controls on her deviant device, she is overcome from behind my GG. SS is put in a strangle hold and forced into unconsciousness. She awakens to find herself in the position she wished for GG. All is not lost just yet. SS begs for GG to not make her orgasm or it could spell certain doom. Has SS convinced GG to spare her? Will SS trick GG into yet another sexual encounter? Will SS fake another fainting spell to make GG believe she has been destroyed once and for all? For the answer to these questions and possible information if this saga will continue…buy this clip!

Date Added: 07/25/2020
Starring: Randy Moore
Company: Zoey Holloway Productions
Running Time: 8 mins

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