Why are you under my bed?  |  (Random)

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Why are you under my bed?

Ever since we started our little game its been weird around the house hasnít it? We like to have our quick intimate moments when your Dad isnít around. I have even shared you with my sister and my best friend. You must have a really hungry appetite today to wedge yourself under my bed just to catch a glimpse of my pussy as I am getting dressed. I have only let you see my tits this far into our game. I am a little disturbed when I catch you yet intrigued that you would go through such effort to spy on me. We cant let our little secret be known to your father now can we? Itís good that you at least come to me when he isnít at home. You have to learn some boundaries though! What if I thought you were a robber or someone here to harm me? We must keep our game safe so that we both want to continue to play, ok? You surprised me and now I am going to surprise you. Today I want you to smell my pretty lace panties while I jerk you off. You wanted to see my pussy so bad that you hid under my bed! Now you get to feel my hands on your hungry cock and inhale the scent of my private place. I know what you like and waste no time pumping my tight grip on your pole. Iím going to give you another surprise by sliding my wet pussy up and down your pole. Its not fucking if I keep it on the outside of my pussy. I want you give me my panties back so I can wrap them around your dick when you are ready to give me your cum. I want to clean up every drop of your sticky goo with my pretty lace panties. You had an explosive load today to leave in that lace. Even after I thought I cleaned it all from your cock you still had more inside that I milked from you, every last drop. You are such a good boy for your Mom. Did you have fun with todayís game? I did.

Date Added: 07/17/2020
Company: Zoey Holloway Productions
Running Time: 17 mins

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