I am sorry. He is a compulsive masturbator.  |  (Random)

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I am sorry. He is a compulsive masturbator.

I was enjoying piano lessons with my beautiful teacher, Raylene when you walked in. Why do you do this? Why cant you be a good husband and wait in the car until I am finished? Not only did you ruin my piano lesson but you completely embarrassed me in front of Raylene by walking in with an obvious boner. Raylene noticed your bulge right away so I had to tell her you’re a compulsive masturbator. She will do anything to get you out of her house so we can finish our lesson. She was thinking of popping in a porn in the other room so you could spank it out yourself. I had a different idea. What if we both help you like I do at home with some masturbation encouragement? We aren’t going to touch you but will tell you how and watch you stroke yourself so you can cum and then leave. You had better make it happen fast before Raylene completely becomes irate with you and just makes you leave regardless. She is so annoyed with your presence yet she takes her dress off to let you see her gorgeous lingerie. I told her I would pay her extra for this lesson since she is doing so much more than I expected. She must have a lot of hidden aggression to work out because she begins to humiliate you and looks like she enjoys it! She calls you all kinds of names that I wouldn’t even dream of! Yet you are so rock hard you are thoroughly enjoying this degradation. She keeps reminding you of your smaller than average cock. I encourage you lovingly as she continues the humiliation. When she sees you are ready to burst she offers her talented hands for your deposit. She even says she cant believe what a large load popped from your tiny dick! Now that you’ve relieved yourself…GO BACK AND WAIT FOR ME IN THE CAR!

Date Added: 07/16/2020
Starring: Raylene
Company: Zoey Holloway Productions
Running Time: 7 mins

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