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Therapeutic release from Mom & Dr.DeVille

I admit to being a chronic masturbator. Iím sure there are lots of guys out there my age who would rather diddle with their dicks all day than go to college. I donít think my parents would have found out this is what I do some days instead of school if my wanking addiction didnít leave me with carpal tunnel issues . Now my writing and wanking arm is in a support sling leaving me with having to learn how to do things with my other arm. You know, things like write, hold my dick while I use the john and most important, stroke out the stiffy for needed stress relief. I donít know how but my step Mom is taking matters into her own hands today by bringing me to what she calls a ĎStress Management Therapistí. I know that our health insurance is not going to cover this office visit and my Mom and Dad will have to pay for it. I feel bad about that but after seeing this SMS I forgot all about those feelings and am eager to learn anything this hottie is about to tell us. She tells my Step-Mom that a lot of men masturbate themselves to help them sleep and sexual release is the key to a calm mind. I really LIKE this therapist! Iíve carried a secret crush for years on my step-mother and can hardly believe I get to have my cock stroked by her mature hands today, in the presence of a health care professional! Not only is my dick standing to attention already at this anticipation, but now both my Mom and the therapist are taking their blouses off for my needed visual stimulation. I am one damn lucky guy right now. This certainly is better than any sex ed class I ever had in school. This is one of those fantasy meets reality times. Not only is she instructing my Mom with various techniques on pleasuring my penis, she is basically prescribing this cock therapy multiple times per day. Can my life get any better than this? My Mom is totally ready to help me any way she can. I guess all those years of remembering to mow the lawn and take out the trash is finally paying off. Before I know it my Mom and the therapist go completely topless! I certainly did not expect this to happen when I agreed to come for my therapy visit today. While Iím getting my cock cranked in the supervision of a specialist, I focus on the beautiful breasts displayed by both women. It doesnít take too long before I release quite a load of cum all over my Momís hands. I had such a build up of reserve goo that I made a mess of both her hands. My poor mom was so concentrated on my release that she got a work out while wanking me. She had beads of sweat rolling down her face and was short of breath. Now Iím sure she can understand even more how I managed to injure my arm while doing my own dick duty. I am very much looking forward to continuing this therapy at home. Who knows, with any luck my Mom will forget some of the techniques she was taught today and we will have to make a second office visit to this oh so sexy Stress Management Therapist.

Date Added: 12/24/2019
Starring: Cherie DeVille
Company: Zoey Holloway Productions
Running Time: 16 mins

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