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Step Dad plays the stunt cock

What is a young woman to do when her boyfriend breaks up with her because she wont put out? Poor Zoey, she is 18 and still a virgin, the thought of sex makes her squeamish. Before she gives up her precious pearl of virginity she wants to make sure she is with the right guy. Not that he wasn't the right guy. She's just so...naive.

After a little crying she decides to go talk with her mom. Her mom, also Zoey, notices the pouty face and wonders why. Young Zoey reveals that her boyfriend just broke up with her because she wont have sex with him. Mom doesn't understand why a boy would break up with her beautiful daughter until Zoey also adds that she is a virgin! Well now, this is news to Mom. What can Mom do to help her distraught daughter? A brilliant idea comes to mind, she can teach young Zoey to give a good hand job. This skill will certainly preserve her precious peach and yet be enough to keep a boyfriend. Mom suggests they enlist the help of Zoey's step-Dad's penis for educational purposes of course. Zoey resists saying that idea is gross. Mom says that a cucumber just wont give the same results as a real penis. With a little hesitation young Zoey agrees with Mom and they make their way to find Dad.

Mom pitches the idea to Dad, who is in agreement of anything to help his lil' Zoey be happy again. Mom gets right to the education by pulling down Dads sweatpants to reveal his penis to young Zoey. Her reaction is as expected, ewww! Mom shows her how to lube the dick and if she doesn't have lube then she can always use her own spit. Lil' Zoey is kind of shocked to learn she can spit on a guy and it's a good thing. Mom's experienced hands show her how to use both hands and twist upward on the whole shaft as well as shining the tip. Mom is trying to create an experience for her daughter that she can go confidently and recreate with her next boyfriend. Zoey never even took off her top to expose her young perky budding breasts for her last boyfriend. When Mom learns of this, she lovingly insists that lil' Zoey needs to get comfortable showing some skin and helps her remove the top of her innocent looking nightie. As young Zoey is becoming more comfortable in her skills but has to add, "Can we not tell Grandma about this?" Mom assures her that she isn't telling anyone about this lesson. They continue a team effort to bring Dad to climax. Young Zoey is taught to learn the signs of a guy who is soon to cum: shaky legs, cock stiffens, balls may shrink, may feel cock throbbing... Mom says that with lots of practice lil' Zoey will be so skilled that she can get a guy to buy her anything she wants if she can make him cum really good. This tidbit of information lights young Zoeys eyes up and she can hardly wait to make her Daddy cum with her little hands. Before she knows it her Dad spews his hot goo out the tip of his dick all over both Zoey's hands. It is quite a thick load for them. Young Zoey is so proud of herself that she cant really think of anything to ask for except, toys. Since she is a growing young woman she is sure to get those toys. A trip to the local Adult store with her Daddy and she will get any toys there that she wants. that she has felt the power of a good Hand Job, she also wants to make her Daddy cum again! What a good lil' Zoey.

Date Added: 12/22/2019
Starring: Anastasia Pierce
Company: Zoey Holloway Productions
Running Time: 26 mins

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