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A stimulating confrontation of Superheroines!

Introducing Planet Earthís long unknown but soon to be favorite sexy superhero, Silver Star! This magnificently glowing human like creature fell to Earth many centuries ago. She has been walking alone except for her one faithful source of similar energy, her power globe. When she places her hands on this energy source her whole body becomes super charged with sexual delight and filled with mischief. Her intention is to fill every human she encounters with pure uncontrollable sexual appetite. She sees no harm in all humans loving each other and sharing that expression with their various body parts. Although filled with good intentions, little does she know she has actually been causing chaos and mayhem among her fellow Earth dwellers. They are so over stimulated by her presence they are becoming chronic masturbators and love makers! Many jobs are being forgotten and eventually lost due to employees simply forgetting to show up to work! They are found instead on many a bed immersed in the carnal pleasures of the flesh. Something must be done to stop the sexual frenzy!
Just as Star fell to the Earth, so does the Sun have its own avenger, Golden Girl! She has been discreetly tracking Silver Star for years, centuries even. She has calculated her confrontation to happen in Silver Starís lair. She is not quite sure of Silver Starís powers but knows she must be careful.
Opening scene 1, 2012.23.08.
Silver Star is recharging her power while Golden Girl has found an entrance to the lair. As the two beings of light are drawing closer together, Silver Star grabs a glimpse of the gorgeous golden intruder and quickly places herself in hiding. It does not take long before they are in the same room! With a quick turn of Golden Girls shoulder, she receives a punch to the cheek from Silver Star. Golden Girl has so much adrenaline built up from the hunt that she is able to over power Silver Star quickly and leave her confused on the ground. Silver Starís last words before slipping into unconsciousness are, ďJust donít touch it.Ē Of course Golden Girl is going to find out what she is talking about. Silver Star used a little reverse psychology on Golden Girl. Now she is under Silver Stars power and must submit to be used as a play toy. Silver Star enjoys fondling the oh so present camel toe of Golden Girl before she retrieves her Saber of Ecstasy to heighten the playtime sensations. She wants Golden Girl to feel many glorious orgasms so she will hopefully acknowledge that all the love Silver Star spreads is not really harmful. The Saber of Ecstasy completely fills Golden Girl until she is quite a harmless mess on the floor. As she rolls around in her own delight, Silver Star sees her moment to safely exit but comments that she does hope she and her new gold toned friend get to play again.

Date Added: 07/07/2020
Starring: Randy Moore
Company: Zoey Holloway Productions
Running Time: 13 mins

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