Ewww, you have an uncircumsized penis!  |  (Random)

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Ewww, you have an uncircumsized penis!

I had so much fun on our date tonight! You are a sexy dancer and as you were grinding your crotch on my ass while we were dancing I felt something I wanted more of. Thatís right, I brought you home cause I am super horny and I want that bulge in your pants! As I am getting undressed and telling you to hurry up and do the same, I notice Ösomething. You have and uncircumsized penis! Oh no way can I fuck you now. I am repulsed and begin telling you exactly how I feel while looking at your water worm appendage. This is the very thing that my girlfriends and I have laughing fits over, a guy with an un snipped dick. How sad for you! Didnít your Mom love you enough to have you properly taken care of in the cock department? As I roll around in hysterics and humiliating comments toward you I finally just ask you to leave. No action is happening here tonight except me calling my girlfriends after you leave to tell them what a disgusting dirty man you are with that extra useless skin on your cock.

Date Added: 07/03/2020
Company: Zoey Holloway Productions
Running Time: 6 mins

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