It's not really cheating, is it?  |  (Random)

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It's not really cheating, is it?

Iím running errands in my gym clothes and still get hit on. Itís even more flattering when the guy who is checking me out blatantly is young enough to be my son. One of my sonís good friends now works at the supermarket I frequent. It was sweet of him to bag my groceries and make small talk inside the store but then he offered to walk me to my car as well. Iím not sure if this is standard procedure for his job and didnít want to get him in trouble so I agreed for him to walk me and my one bag of groceries to my car. I kind of felt like a lamb left alone in a field for prey as he walked behind me. His gaze was that intense. I must admit to blushing as I turned to see his eyes undressing me. I finally squelched the thought of ďIím old enough to be his motherĒ and looked at him with the thought of I want to touch his young smooth skin. Technically, his is of legal age to make his own sexual choices and if he happens to be choosing me then why not? I know I shouldnít invite him over after work, but I do. People play games all the time right? Maybe this was just a harmless flirtation that will lead nowhere. I kind of invited him as a dare to see if he would follow through and show up later when he got off work. He smiled big at the invite and I giggled, got in my car and pondered what I just did. My son is away at college and my husband is out of town for the weekend so why not have a little mischievous fun at home? Besides, I really donít think he is going to show up. Why would a young cute guy like that come over to an older womanís house anyway when he could have any young tight body college girl that he wants. I was definitely surprised when my doorbell rang only a few hours later. I did go home, shower, change my nail polish, put some make up on and curled my hair just in case he showed, and he did! Now that he is here, what shall we do? One thing I used to love doing when I was his age was giving a guy a hand job. Hand Jobs from girls are the best thing because I stayed STD free and he gets his nut out. My husband and I have been married so long that we barely make time for sex let alone a good quick cock cranking. I have him lie down on the sofa so I can get a good look at his tight body. I waste no time in pulling off his cute cargo shorts to reveal an even cuter cock. I love that he is man-scaped. Why my husband wont learn to man- scape his junk I just donít know. I seem to justify what is happening by knowing I am not going to fuck this young stud, Iím just going to jack him off. This way when he leaves I will have a sweet visual of his young flesh in my hands and he will go on his merry way with a satisfied smile. I do all my old tricks with my mature hands until he gives me his load. I havenít felt warm cum on my hands in way to many years. His cum is so pretty, itís almost clear with a pearly sheen. I had so much fun that I tell him next time Iím shopping at his grocery store I may just have to meet him in the bathroom for a quickie.

Date Added: 12/12/2019
Company: Zoey Holloway Productions
Running Time: 16 mins

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