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Blackmail HandJob

We are flirtatious co workers. I wear sexy low cut blouses to the office. You love it when I dress sexy and we have our little moments in the copy room. Today were the only ones in the office. My big busted coworker is really laying on the eye candy thick. She says since we are alone we should make the most of the time. I agree. She notices my swelling cock in my slacks and pounces on it quickly with her greedy hands. As she pulls my trouser snake out from its hiding place she opens her blouse so I can get a front row view. She tells me she wants to take a picture of my now fully erect shaft so she has visual masturbation material for later. Of course I am going to let her do whatever she wants right now. As soon as she took the picture of my cock and saved it to her phone, everything changed. She got really pissed and let me know that all of my advances to her this past year were unwelcomed. She says she is engaged to be married (even thought she doesn’t wear a ring) and my constant groping of her ass and tits is creeping her out. She totally played along making me think she enjoyed my hands on her and now she is blackmailing me?! She says unless I stop touching her completely that she is going to file a sexual harassment charge and show our boss the pic of my cock in her hand as proof that am inappropriate at work by pulling my cock out and letting it be photographed while clearly in my work clothes. Not only has this co worker turned office biotch taken my pic she has a tight grip on my cock. Im thinking she is going to at least be nice enough to finish me and maybe take a pic of my cum, which at this point I could care less, so long as she finishes me good. She doesn’t. Just when I am about to cum she puts her hand like a lid on my tip and tells me that cumming is not allowed. She totally ruins my orgasm! As my cock spasms and starts to shrink she removes her hands and leaves me a shaking mess right here in my office chair. What a conniving cunt she is!

Date Added: 06/20/2020
Company: Zoey Holloway Productions
Running Time: 7 mins

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