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My wifes hottest friend jacked me off!

I've been under such tremendous stress at work lately that I decided to take a long lunch today to go home and rub out some relief. I had just settled into a fantasy in my mind that was for sure going to give me a blasting cum load when I heard my bedroom door open. My wife never comes home for lunch so I wondered who could have let themselves into my house at the most inopportune time. Ah, it was my wife's best friend. It sounded like she was talking to my wife on the phone, something about finding her shoes she let my wife borrow. I stayed quiet under the sheet in hopes she wouldn't notice me and make her way out of my room as quick as she entered. No such luck, as she was ending the call to my wife she saw me trying to hide. Crap, now what. Can't a guy jack off in his own bed in the middle of the fucken day in his own damn house without interruption? She came closer to me and was asking if I was ill. She said I didn't look ill. Despite being the blonde bimbo type, it didn't take her too long to determine exactly what I was doing before she interrupted me. Her apology accepted I was hoping she would just leave, but she didn't. She completely surprised me by saying she thinks I'm sexy and she is jealous of my wife for being the one to marry me. Wow, this is all news to me! Looks like my lunch break is taking a big turn for the better. She says she feels bad for interrupting me and wants to help me get my nut.

I've always thought she was the hottest of my wife's friends but I've never said a word to anyone. Truth be told, I've beat my meat more than a few times while thinking of her. She has these big eyes that seem to say "Fuck me" without even trying. My wife says what a slut her best friend is but I think she is making the most of being single and having her fun while she can. At least she isn't home alone in the middle of the day trying to bang one out like this married man. I don't think there is much chance of us getting caught so I relax and let her take my manhood into her hands. Looks like one of my fantasies is becoming a reality right here and now. She does pretty much everything she can to my rock hard prick except insert it in her hungry pussy. She shares her saliva, pussy lips, tongue and perfect pink mouth with my cock.

Oh this is so much better than anything I could have imagined happening with my wife's best friend. She does something my wife hasn't ever done, she puts both her feet on my dick and moves them up and down my shaft. She called it a foot job. I will let her do whatever she wants to my cock and call it whatever she wants. She made my cock cum and cum again. I was dizzy with delight as she says maybe she can catch me on lunch break some other time. Fuck, with a hand job this good I will make sure she knows when I go home for lunch since she knows where we keep our spare key now. Today certainly was full of sweet surprise.

Date Added: 05/26/2020
Company: Zoey Holloway Productions
Running Time: 23 mins

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