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I am your little girl tonight Daddy.

We have so much fun on our role -play dress up nights don't we sweetheart? I decided to switch things up a little from our regular black lace and leather attire into something a little more sweet like white tiny flowers and ribbons. You love it when you're fucking me and I call you Daddy. You yearn for me to say Daddy over and over while your big daddy dick drills my little pussy until you explode inside me. Well, tonight all of the attention is on you. I am going to talk to you like the dirty little girl I am and beg for your cum to make a mess on my little hands. Do you like how big your shirt is on me? It almost covers my hands! Do you like my matching panties and training bra? They have the tiniest flowers on them and delicate lace pattern with matching extra small bows. I even put ribbons in my pig tails that match my panties just for you. I asked for pale pink nail polish at the salon today because I want you to notice all the details I thought of to please you. You love to take care of me don't you daddy. You treat me like the little princess I am, just for you. You will always be my big strong daddy who adores me. I want to take care of you to.

Can I touch it? Can I put my hands on it and rub it? Ohh wow daddy, I feel how big it is and it isn't even all the way hard yet. I can hardly wait to wrap my hands around your big stiff pole. Can I pull your pants off of you? I want to feel your flesh, all of it, in my warm hands. Tonight is all about your pleasure. Watch me as I stroke your shaft up and down, sometimes slow, sometimes fast. Can I taste you daddy? Mmmm, your skin is so smooth on my tongue and tastes so clean and yummy in my warm mouth. Do you like our game daddy? Am I doing it right? It feels like I am because I feel how hard your penis is. Do you want to make a mess on my hands now? Please give me your cum daddy. I want it. Please let go of all that saved up stress and release it on me…. Oh wow daddy! Look at that thick mess on my hands! You did that! Well, with a little help from me and my pigtails. Did you have fun with me? I can hardly wait to dress up again for you, maybe next time it will be in an even cuter outfit picked out especially for you cause I am daddy's little girl.

Date Added: 05/24/2020
Company: Zoey Holloway Productions
Running Time: 11 mins

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