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Step-sons HJ punishment

My lazy step son never helps around the house like I ask him to. I am so fed up that I decide the only way to get him to obey is to serve him a little memorable humiliation. I make him wear my pink panties that he has been using to jerk off with. He is such a twisted little f*ck that his cock gets hard just by feeling the fabric against his private parts. This makes me furious so I demand him to sit down and I am going to be the one to use his cock this time. I want to be the one who jerks him off and sees the mess he makes in my house. I have him lay back as I pull my pink panties down far enough to grab hold of his hard shaft. I tell him he had better not disappoint me by already wacking off and not having any cum left to show me! He is a good boy and shows me a nice load. Im sure it wasn’t the first time he spewed that day. I tell him unless he does as I say from now on, I am going to make him wear my panties again and take his cum as many times as I want which should make him worn out and exceptionally more obedient around the house. *THIS IS THE SHORTER VERSION OF *SPANK & WANK MY STEP-SON clip.

Date Added: 06/12/2018
Company: Zoey Holloway Productions
Running Time: 10 mins

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