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Seduction of my Step-son

My husband passed away not long ago. He left me the house AND his son to take care of. His son dropped out of college and has been sponging off me for to long. I made a decision one cloudy afternoon. If he is going to continue living here rent free then he is going to pay rent in other ways. I haven’t been dating or seeing anyone since his Dad died. Hence, I am super horny for some real dick and not just a dildo. I call him in my room as he is about to have a shower. I have him massage my legs. As he rubs, I tell him to keep rubbing, higher and higher up my legs. I open my robe so he sees I have nothing on underneath. I think he knows what is going to happen next. We both look at the Urn on my bedside table. This is the urn that holds his fathers ashes. Its my way of keeping my dead husband close to me. Now I have another part of him that I want close to me, His Son! We take turns sucking and fucking each other with great lust. He has wanted this as much as I have. After he gives me some body quivering orgasms and leaves his hot goo inside of me we both realize our emotions got the better of our judgment. I tell him this can not be talked about, ever. It must remain our secret. He agrees. As he walks out of my bedroom I am already thinking of…when can we do this again?!

Date Added: 06/11/2018
Company: Zoey Holloway Productions
Running Time: 22 mins

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