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Step-son Spanking punishment

My step-son is so lazy. I ask him to clean the garage while I go out for the night. One simple task. He decides to spend his time on the couch all night instead. He ordered pizza, watched porn and jerked himself off to various magazines. I walked in the next morning and witnessed the aftermath. Not only did I find his contraband strewn all over the living room, I discovered a pair of my nice Italian panties around his cock! He was masturbating himself with my nicest panties! Oh, this is unacceptable! I woke him up and marched his ass to the garage for a good verbal disapproving outburst. This didnít seem to affect him so I pulled his sweat pants down and began to spank him like the little boy he was behaving as. I didnít want the neighbors to be alarmed so I ordered him back into the house to continue the spanking. I made him wear my panties while I whaled on his ass. He obviously did not want to be spanked like a little boy and complained the whole time. When I felt he had enough, I made him stand up. Much to my surprise he was erect! I mean his PENIS was erect! The spanking made him so excited he got a raging hard erection. I didnít do anything about his stiffy this time but believe me, I did something about it another day.

Date Added: 06/09/2018
Company: Zoey Holloway Productions
Running Time: 6 mins

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