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All you get to do is watch!

The two friends are at it again! This time they let Zoeys hubby come in the room to torment and toy with him. He thinks hes gonna get some double girl action but nope! He is allowed to sit on the bed and watch their every move. He doesn’t get to pull his cock out and touch it like Raylenes husband did. Poor chump, he just sits there breathing heavy as he watches his wife bring her girlfriend to a sweet orgasm only a few feet away! Im sure he can smell the scent of her as he watches his wife lap up every drop out of that little pleasure gap. After Raylene and Zoey have their way with each other, they have their way with Zoeys p.o.s. pussy hubby. She has Raylene climb on his face and sit there until he turns a few shades of pink. Zoey encourages her to make him pass out so they can roll him off the bed unconscious. These two giggly but mean MILFs give him only that much gratification. When he starts to look like he is enjoying it, he gets denied! Raylene finishes Zoey with a new toy in her hole and plenty of clit stimulation. What a great friend as Raylene licks the cum off the toy. They kiss and whats hubby doing? Still watching with the most pathetic expression. Because he is, pathetic.

Date Added: 07/10/2019
Starring: Raylene
Company: Zoey Holloway Productions
Running Time: 15 mins

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