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We forbid you to ejaculate!

My friend Samantha invited me to her play space to see one of her most disgusting slaves. She told me he was like a human worm. I didnít believe it until I saw him, laying there doing nothing but awaiting his next instruction. Today she is going to let him jerk himself off in front of us. She asked me to be there for some extra eye candy since he has been an obedient slave to her for quite some time. We allow him to smell our asses and come close to our breasts. His breath offends me so I demand him to go back and sit on the floor. He looks as though his cock is going to explode and make her floor a mess so she tells him to play with himself but keep his thumb over the dicktip hole. Thatís right. He can jerk it all he wants but he is not allowed to cum. We stick our heels in his face while he is furiously fapping. This time we give him a count of ten to work that cum up under his thumb. He is so much in discomfort of pressure buildup that all he can do is fall over on the floor and continue to wiggle like the little worm he is. We are bored and its time to meet another sub hu-man so we leave him where he belongs, in distress and laying there naked and exposed.

Date Added: 04/30/2019
Company: Zoey Holloway Productions
Running Time: 8 mins

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