Slut bottom Chris lives up to his name  |  (Random)

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Slut bottom Chris lives up to his name

My friend Mistress Eden and I were walking in the city one afternoon and came upon our mutual slave Chris as he was sucking random cock in an alley. We were not pleased with his behavior and told him if he needed so much to be a slut that we were more than happy to accommodate him. We brought him to our play area, bent him over and fucked him in the ass like the good begging slut that he is. He got a good spanking and some giant anal beads shoved up his ass as well. Nothing can satisfy him! We gagged him with our huge cocks and then told him to think about his bad behavior before he lets himself get caught with a random dick in his mouth again. Just to show we really care, when we were through with his holes, we made him lay legs up like a dying roach and count to 500. He does as a good slave should and laid there holding his quivering legs…all the way to 500. Are you a good slave?

Date Added: 04/27/2019
Company: Zoey Holloway Productions
Running Time: 25 mins

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